Saturday, March 13, 2010

Dooooooooooo! Okay...all right!

For all you Beatle fans out there, allow me to introduce you to "The Amazing Stevie Riks." Riks is a multi-instrumental, multi-vocal, and multi-identity performer who obviously studies his subjects and presents them with great affection and tongue in cheek humor. Riks hails from Chester, UK, not to far from Liverpool, and has reached across the big pond through YouTube, where he reigns over devoted fans, Beatlemaniacs, and almost anyone who has been touched by the Sixties' first British Invasion. In the parlance of the Brits, he is "very cheeky!" Riks records all of his videos at home, and records all the background music you hear in accompaniment. With an oft-used split screen trick, you get  Rik's inside look into the most famous songwriting duo of the 20th century.

He does a kickin' Lennon and McCartney, and the only person I know who can replicate Harrison's thick, Liverpool scouser accent with uncanny accuracy. He nails Harrison's subtle expressions and smirks- the only one I know who can!

Unlike tribute bands and Beatlemania events that seem to mindlessly parrot Beatle tunes and Beatle stereotypes, Riks actually puts a lot of thought into his work and gives us something more-something original to the presentation-his exceptional talent as a musician and singer is blended with careful examination and deep, deep affection of his subjects. They are the qualities, cultural and musical, that aficionados immediately appreciate, and which provides Riks with a solid, and growing fan base.Riks' impersonations may be filmed inexpensively- but they are never cheap. The short, small screen vignettes are rich in detail and authenticity that fans recognize.  He is very funny too! Those of us who grew up with the Beatles, lived for their videos (they called them film clips back then) that they randomly released to the world. Now two of them are gone. But thanks to Riks, they live again through two to three minute clips of humor and good music. It's good to see them back again!

The Fabs are not the only musical celebrities in Riks' repertoire- (He does an absolutely AMAZING David Bowie too- Just listen to his rendition of Life on Mars.) Fans of the Bee Gees, Queen, Rolling Stones and Oasis, and countless others will find something to delight them. For me, it was the Teach Yourself series for John, Paul, George and Ringo, that first led me to discover Riks on YouTube...and now, well, I can't dust the house, or pull up weeds, without "dooooooing!"

Unusually accessible to his fans, Riks takes suggestions and requests and in addition to YouTube, can be found sharing his wares freely on Facebook and Twitter. Everything, from drafting his wife to play sidekicks (like Yoko) to his adoring passion for his dogs, gives a good indication that Riks is a genuinely nice guy, whose talent and well-deserved recognition, hasn't gone to his head. No one that silly could ever be stuffy! It's doubtful one could ever hope for a personal, return e-mail from Paul McCartney, but with Riks, you just might get the next best thing, and it's a pretty great replacement at that!

Give yourself a bit of a treat Luv, and become a fan or subscribe to the very talented Mr. Stevie Riks!

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