Saturday, March 5, 2011

Defriending people in Facebook- is it wise?

March 4, 2011- Defriend Day has come and gone. But it is still wise to do. Take a look at this video:

The bottom line: It is so incredibly easy to create a fake FB account and be included in another person's life. Who are your Facebook friends? If you are into friend collecting as so many people are, for crying out loud, create lists for them, like family, school, people I really know, work, acquaintances, not sure, never met, etc. and then go in and either include or exclude these lists for things like your posts, album views, work and other personal information.

There are several levels of privacy settings in Facebook. You can literally customize who can see your profile, your friends list, where you work, your love life, your birthday, where you went to school, what you believe in, and your individual photo albums. Why should near strangers see everything?

Some of your Facebook friends could be posing as:
Your boss
Your supervisor
Your college professor
College admissions
Scholarship grantors
Potential employers
Your parents

The life you say you live- the impression you give on college essays, in job interviews, could all be undone with one false friend. Be very careful folks.People can see if you really study on the weekends, if you really like your job, if you are the person who you say you are. Even if you have nothing to hide-if you are 100 percent proud of your life-do you want everyone to know every detail about your day to day activities? Can nothing be considered sacred?

And don't forget, you can be judged by the company you keep. Fair or not, most people will draw their own conclusions.

Networking is a worthwhile activity. Sharing intimate details and allowing strangers a window into your private world is downright foolish.